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Financial Literacy (F, CTE, AAF-M)

Adult Roles and Financial Literacy - Course #2210 | Credit (F, CTE) | Grade 11, 12 | 1.0 Credits
This course prepares students to understand the nature, function, and significance of individual and family relationships integrated with general financial literacy. Topics include: decision-making to set and implement financial goals, values, communication skills, self-awareness, families, sources of income and the relationship between income and career preparation, crisis management, marriage preparation, marriage, money management, saving, investing, parenting, and retirement planning. FCCLA may be an integral part of the course. Students who complete the entire course can fulfill the General Financial Literacy graduation requirement. They can be awarded 0.5 Financial Literacy credit and 0.5 CTE credit.

Financial Literacy - Course #2200 | Credit (F) | Grade 11, 12 | 0.5 Credits
This course will prepare students for the choices and challenges of today’s financial markets. A better understanding of personal finance will help students move into adulthood making more informed monetary decisions, realizing a greater potential for personal wealth, and fostering a stronger state and national economy. The class will focus on income, money management, spending and credit, saving and investing, consumer protection, and risk management.

Mathematics of Personal Finance - Course #5127 | Credit (F, AAF-M) | Grade 11, 12 | 0.5/1.0 Credits
Prerequisite: Secondary Mathematics 2
Mathematics of Personal and Business Finance will help students compute and make reasonable estimates, perform operations with real numbers, and identify meanings of variables in financial formulas. Students will collect and organize data in graphs of all kinds, calculate mean, median, mode and range, and use spreadsheets to evaluate data. Students who complete the entire course can fulfill the General Financial Literacy graduation requirement. They can be awarded .5 Financial Literacy credit and/or 0.5 AAF-Math credit instead of 1.0 AAF-Math.

LEGEND (Credit)

A = Fine Arts
AAF-M = Applied, Advanced Foundation Math
AAF-S = Applied, Advanced Foundation Science
BS = Biological Science
CS = Chemistry Science
DS = Digital Studies
CTE = Career and Technical Education
E = Electives
ES = Earth Science
F = Financial Literacy
WG = World Geography
HE = Health Education

ILA = Individual Lifetime Activities
ELA = English Language Arts
FL = Fitness for Life
M = Mathematics
PS = Physical Science
PST = Participation Skills & Techniques
Sr. ELA= Senior English Language Arts
S = Foundation/Core Science
WH = World History
USH = US History
USGC = US Government & Citizenship

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