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Middle School Health & Physical Education (PST, ILA)

(Refer to the chart on the Health and Physical Education Credit Requirements and Approved Courses for Middle School and High School page for the credit requirements and approved courses)

Athletics: Sport Participation - Course #7201-7202 | Credit (PST, ILA) | Grade 9 | 0.25/season/sport Credits
Prerequisite: Coach Approval
This course is for students who compete on athletic teams.

Beginning Team Sports (Fitness 7)  - Course #7010 | Grade 7 | 0.5/1.0 Credits
This is a physical education course to develop a solid foundation in skills and competencies. Students are still mastering basic manipulative skills, and are ready to engage in lead-up games and drills that provide a progression toward participation in regulation or advanced play. Students will apply skills in modified games, and may be introduced to regulation rules and game play. Instruction includes an introduction to training principles and activities that can enhance health-related fitness as students pursue personal fitness goals.

Health 1 - Course #7000 | Grade 7, 8 | 0.5 Credits
This course develops the skills needed to improve the quality of life by helping students to cope with and solve problems, develop positive self-image, and make healthy decisions. The students will explore positive lifestyles, disease prevention, emergency procedures, media literacy, and alcohol and drug abuse prevention.

Intermediate Team Sports (Fitness 8) - Course #7011 | Grade 8 | 0.5/1.0 Credits
This is a physical education course allowing students to continue participating in a variety of instructional physical activities. Experiences increase complexity in content, concept and skill development for a broad spectrum of activities. Students continue to practice skills in modified games, but increasingly participate in activities that are regulation games with more complex playing environments. This class incorporates more in-depth instruction training principles that can enhance health-related fitness as students progress in achieving personal fitness goals.

Participation Skills and Techniques  - Course #7030 | Credit (PST) | Grade 9 | 0.5 Credits
This course focuses on demonstrating the ability to plan and implement different types of personal fitness programs, demonstrate competency in lifetime activities, describe key concepts associated with successful participation in physical activity, model responsible behavior while engaged in physical activity, and fill a need for self-expression, challenge, social interaction and enjoyment. This class is required for graduation .

Team Sports  - Course #7110 | Credit (ILA) | Grade 8, 9 | 0.5 Credits
This course is designed to teach sports which require group participation and cooperation.

LEGEND (Credit)

A = Fine Arts
AAF-M = Applied, Advanced Foundation Math
AAF-S = Applied, Advanced Foundation Science
BS = Biological Science
CS = Chemistry Science
DS = Digital Studies
CTE = Career and Technical Education
E = Electives
ES = Earth Science
F = Financial Literacy
WG = World Geography
HE = Health Education

ILA = Individual Lifetime Activities
ELA = English Language Arts
FL = Fitness for Life
M = Mathematics
PS = Physical Science
PST = Participation Skills & Techniques
Sr. ELA = Senior English Language Arts
S = Foundation/Core Science
WH = World History
USH = US History
USGC = US Government & Citizenship

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