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Secondary Course Catalog

For basic info on graduation requirements, please visit the Graduation Requirements page.

2017-18 Secondary Course Catalog PDF
This catalog provides information to assist students in selecting classes for the successful completion of middle school and high school.

Online Catalog

LEGEND (Credit)

A = Fine Arts
AAF-M = Applied, Advanced Foundation Math
AAF-S = Applied, Advanced Foundation Science

ES = Earth Science
F = Financial Literacy
WG = World Geography Sr.

PS = Physical Science
PST = Participation Skills & Techniques
ELA= Senior English Language Arts

BS = Biological Science
HE = Health Education
S = Foundation/Core Science

CS = Chemistry Science
ILA = Individual Lifetime Activities
WH = World History

DS = Digital Studies
ELA = English Language Arts
USH = US History

CTE = Career and Technical Education
FL = Fitness for Life
USGC = US Government & Citizenship

E = Electives
M = Mathematics