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Administrative Information

  1. The Jordan District Secondary Course Catalog includes all courses taught in Jordan School District grades 7 – 12.
  2. Each course will have a five-digit number.
  3. The first 4 digits are the Skyward number assigned by the district. The fifth digit is assigned by the individual schools. (See numbering system that follows)
  4. The fifth digit may be used by schools for individual needs with the exception of the 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Courses which are a full year or 1.0 credit will have 0 (zero) for the fifth digit. Courses which are semesters or 0.5 credits will have 1 (one for the fifth digit).
    5300 0 Secondary Mathematics 1 - 1.0 Credit
    1026 1 Art Foundations 1 - 0.5 Credits
  5. Classes which could be either 1.0 or .5 credit will use the same system.
    3141 0 Astronomy 1.0 Credit
    3141 1 Astronomy 0.5 Credits
  6. Designating a first or second semester for a course may be done by the school. Any combination of the fifth digit may be used.
    1026 1 Art Foundations 1 - 1st Semester
    1026 2 Art Foundations 1 - 2nd Semester
    1026 4 Art Foundations 1 - 1st Semester
    1026 7 Art Foundations 1 - 2nd Semester
  7. Explanation of high school exit codes:
    1. GR (Graduate) is the demarcation of a high school graduate.
    2. GQ (Graduate - math competency standard) graduates have met the math competency requirements for the Federal graduation code, GQ, initiated in the 2016-17 school-year.

Note: Courses which are not in the 2020-2021 Jordan School District Secondary Course Catalog must be submitted to the District Course Catalog Committee for review. The course must be approved by the committee and then be assigned a Skyward number prior to implementation at the school level.

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