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Jordan Academy for Technology & Careers (JATC)

Most of the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers (JATC) programs are full-year programs, but a few programs are only semester-long programs. Each program consists of multiple classes and various credit options. Be aware that concurrent enrollment is subject to change based on college and department stipulations.

For more program information visit the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers website.

Specific courses and credits included in each program at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers can be found in the Program Guide for the corresponding year of interest.  These programs are updated on a yearly basis.

The Program Guides can be found at the following link.

JATC Program Guides

LEGEND (Credit)

A = Fine Arts
AAF-M = Applied, Advanced Foundation Math
AAF-S = Applied, Advanced Foundation Science
BS = Biological Science
CS = Chemistry Science
DS = Digital Studies
CTE = Career and Technical Education
E = Electives
ES = Earth Science
F = Financial Literacy
WG = World Geography
HE = Health Education

ILA = Individual Lifetime Activities
ELA = English Language Arts
FL = Fitness for Life
M = Mathematics
PS = Physical Science
PST = Participation Skills & Techniques
Sr. ELA= Senior English Language Arts
S = Foundation/Core Science
WH = World History
USH = US History
USGC = US Government & Citizenship

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