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Enrichment/Acceleration Credit

Guidelines for Re-Taking Courses to Enhance Learning or to Improve a Grade/GPA
If a student wishes to retake a course, either to enhance personal learning or to earn a better grade, he/she may do so by taking the entire course (1.0 credit) or a portion thereof (.25 - .75), from programs that are accredited. The student will receive a letter grade(s) for this repeated class. The letter grade(s) earned for this repeated class, as well as the grade earned for the initial class, will be included in computing the student’s official overall grade point average (GPA). A student who desires to replace a grade by retaking a comparable course as per State Board Rule R277-717-3, will make a grade replacement appeal as per district protocol. See section IV, Grade Forgiveness.  

A student may not receive subject area credit for the same course twice. A repeated course will earn elective credit only. 

Early Graduation
In the Jordan School District, any student may declare intent to graduate early.  Early graduation may occur at any of the following times:

    1. At the end of the Eleventh-Grade year 
    2. At the end of the summer following the Eleventh-Grade year 
    3. At the end of any quarter of the Twelfth-Grade year

The principal of the school has unilateral authority to create an alternative Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) that will allow a student to graduate early. When creating an alternative PCCR, principals may review student and parent PCCR requests and may accommodate said requests within the parameters of state law, District policy, and administrative guidelines.

The guidelines and accreditation standards cited in the Jordan District Credit Guidelines Booklet “Section III. Transfer Credit” also apply to this section.

The student should be cautioned that fulfilling high school graduation requirements does not necessarily satisfy NCAA eligibility requirements  or qualify him/her for admission to the college of his/her choice.  The student should be urged to inquire about NCAA eligibility and admissions requirements for the colleges or universities he/she may wish to attend.

The following additional guidelines apply to early graduation:

    1. Credit earned during the summer between the eighth and ninth grade years may be applied toward a high school diploma.  
    2. Declaration of intent to graduate early should ideally occur at least one quarter prior to the desired graduation dateSuch declaration must be made in writing directly to the principal of the high school where the student is enrolled.
    3. A student intending to graduate early must complete all requirements for graduation mandated for students completing twelve (12) years of schooling and all core requirements including four (4) years of Language Arts.  Some modifications of requirements for purposes of early graduation include:
      1. Only World Language Level 3, World Language Level 4, Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment, and International Baccalaureate courses, as well as select Language Arts electives, may count as senior Language Arts credit. For those students graduating early, these Language Arts courses/levels, when taken in the 9th, 10th, 11th grade, may be applied toward the senior Language Arts credit.
      2. Although a student cannot concurrently enroll in junior and senior Language Arts, a student enrolled in junior Language Arts may take any senior elective Language Arts course.  (This may be individually negotiated with the student’s counselor/administrator, depending upon the acceleration needs of the early graduation student.)

For early graduation, Jordan School District accepts credit earned through accredited programs per State Board Rule R277-705-3-2a.

    1. A student graduating as a junior may have the option to attend commencement exercises in the year he/she graduates if all graduation requirements are met. However, the student will not have the option of returning to the commencement for the senior class, in which he/she would have graduated.
    2. A student intending to graduate early may complete required work during the summer after his/her junior year. An early graduate will complete a thorough exit interview with his/her counselor to review all credits and the transcript. A student may not participate in any commencement exercise until all graduation requirements are completed.  
    3. An early graduate in the senior year will have the option of attending commencement exercises with his/her class. Diplomas will not be available until after commencement. Dates for ordering caps and gowns for graduation practices, etc. are the responsibility of the early graduate.
    4. A student who chooses early graduation may not participate in athletic, extracurricular or academic activities after the date he/she has completed early graduation requirements. This includes programs offered at the Jordan Academy for Technology & Careers, as well as all concurrent enrollment courses.

Out-of-District Credit for Enrichment/Acceleration
The following guidelines should be applied in situations when a student enrolled in Jordan School District desires to use credit earned from programs outside the jurisdiction of Jordan School District for graduation. In accordance with Utah State Law, Utah State Board of Education (State Board Rule R277-700-1), and the Jordan School District Board of Education requirements, a student must complete all prescribed graduation requirements in order to receive a high school diploma.

  1. All earned enrichment/acceleration courses, credit and programs should be planned, coordinated and reviewed as a part of the Plan for College and Career Readiness Process.
  2.   Jordan School District secondary schools will accept credit and grades awarded to a student by any public or private secondary source that is accredited or recognized by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, a division of Advance Education Inc. [State Board Rule R277-705-3-2a] or associated as a member of the International Council of School Accreditation Commissions. 
  3. When a student is registered in a Jordan School District secondary school and completes a course of study in another accredited public or private educational program, the student and/or parent is responsible for the official transfer of documentation for a listing of those courses on the school transcript. Grades, credit and course titles submitted on a transcript from an accredited source will be transcribed to the high school transcript without alteration, as per State Board Rule R277-705-3-2a.

Military Training
Students completing Military training (summer boot camp) can receive two (2.0) credits:

  1. 1.0 credit = Health and Physical Education and/or Health
  2. 1.0 credit = Elective Class 
  3. A certificate of completion from the military branch would need to be submitted prior to granting credit.