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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from a Jordan School District high school, a student must:

  • Earn the minimum number of credits designated by the high school a student attends. In Jordan School District, credit requirements range from 24 to 27 credits, depending upon the scheduling system of each high school.
  • Meet attendance requirements as designated by Jordan School District. (See Credit Guidelines: Residency Requirement).  
  • Pass the U.S. Civics Test

Course and Credit Requirements
Credit is awarded on the basis of a student’s participation, mastery of subject matter, and/or attainment of skills. Credit is granted for courses taken in grades 9-12. Credit earned during the summer prior to ninth grade may be applied towards graduation. Jordan School District requires the “minimum core curriculum” as specified by the Utah State Office of Education Rule 277-700-6 along with the additional course credits listed below for high school graduation

Requirements for Graduating Classes of 2016, 2017, 2018

  • English Language Arts: 4.0 Credits
    • 1.0 Language Arts 9 or 9 H
    • 1.0 Language Arts 10, 10 A, or 10 H
    • 1.0 Language Arts 11, 11 A, 11 H, AP English Language & Composition, or AP English Literature & Composition
    • 1.0 Language Arts 12, 12 CP, AP English Language & Composition, AP English Literature & Composition, World Language 3, 4, or AP, Qualifying Concurrent Enrollment Course, or Approved Senior Language Arts Course
  • Mathematics: 3.0 Credits
    • 2.0 Foundation/Core Credits
    • 1.0 Additional Foundation/Core Credit or Advanced, Applied, or Foundation (AAF) Credit
  • Social Studies: 3.5 Credits
    • 1.0 World Geography
    • 1.0 World History, World History H, World History AP, or European History AP
    • 1.0 United States History, United States History H, or U.S. History AP
    • 0.5 U.S. Government & Citizenship (11th or 12th grade)
  • Science: 3.0 Credits
    • 2.0 Credits from two different Foundation/Core Areas: Earth, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science
    • 1.0 Additional Foundation/Core or Applied, Advanced, or Foundation (AAF) Credit
  • Health and Physical Education: 2.0 Credits
    • 0.5 Health Education
    • 0.5 Participation Skills & Techniques
    • 0.5 Fitness for Life
    • 0.5 Elective Individual Lifetime Activity or 2 Seasons of a UHSAA Team Sport
  • Fine Arts: 1.5 Credits
  • Career and Technical Education: 1.0 Credits
  • Digital Studies: 0.5 Credit
    • 0.5 Business Office Specialist, Computer Programming 1, Computer Science Principles, Digital Business Applications, Exploring Computer Science 1, Web Development or State-Approved Exam
  • Financial Literacy: 0.5 Credit
  • *Elective Credits: 8.0 Credit

*Note: Valley High School only requires five elective credits. As a result, only 24 total credits are required for a Valley High School Diploma.