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Work-Based Learning (CTE, E)

Careers (Career Orientation and Exploration) | Course #0216 | Credits (E) | Grades 10-12 | Credids .25/.5
0216 CTE Teacher
0215 Non-CTE Teacher
This course is designed to introduce students to a variety of career fields.  Students will take self-interest surveys and proficiency exams to help them identify career fields appropriate to their skills and interests.  Students will develop resume writing and interviewing skills.  This course is typically for tenth grade students.  However, eleventh and twelfth grade students may also enroll in these specialized courses.  These courses relate to all areas of the curriculum and are a direct connection of a student’s SEOP career goal and the world of work.

LEGEND (Credit)

A = Fine Arts
AAF-M = Applied, Advanced Foundation Math
AAF-S = Applied, Advanced Foundation Science
BS = Biological Science
CS = Chemistry Science
DS = Digital Studies
CTE = Career and Technical Education
E = Electives
ES = Earth Science
F = Financial Literacy
WG = World Geography
HE = Health Education

ILA = Individual Lifetime Activities
ELA = English Language Arts
FL = Fitness for Life
M = Mathematics
PS = Physical Science
PST = Participation Skills & Techniques
Sr. ELA= Senior English Language Arts
S = Foundation/Core Science
WH = World History
USH = US History
USGC = US Government & Citizenship

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