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Credit Recovery

Jordan School District provides several ways in which a student can earn recovery credit. Before taking any course to make up a credit deficiency, check with your school counselor to make sure that it will cover the credit deficiency.

A student who fails one of the following core courses must make up the credit deficiency outside of the regular school day: Language Arts 9; Language Arts 10; Language Arts 11; Language Arts 12; Geography for Life; World Civilizations; U.S. History 2; U.S. Government & Citizenship; Consumer Health; Participation Skills & Techniques; Fitness for Life; Computer Technology; and General Financial Literacy

Valley High School Summer School Program
The Valley High School Summer School Program is only for courses in which the student received a failing grade. These courses may not be used for original credit, enrichment opportunities, or to improve a grade for a class that was not failed.

  • Learn more about the Valley High Summer School program

Registration dates and times for Valley Summer School will be posted on their website.

Online Courses
Jordan School District students have the opportunity to enroll in online courses for recovery credit as well as original credit. Recovery credit costs $45 per .25 credit.

Credit Recovery Packets
Credit recovery packets are only for courses in which a student has received a failing grade.  They may not be used for original credit, enrichment, or to improve a grade for a class that was not failed. Check with your school counselor to receive information about credit recovery packets available at your high school.  Credit recovery cost varies based on individual provider.

Guidelines for Make-up Courses/Programs Outside of Jordan School District

Jordan School District secondary schools will accept credit and grades awarded to students from schools or providers accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, a division of Advance Education Inc. Credit from these approved sources will be posted on Jordan District transcripts without alteration [State Board Rule R277-705-3-2a].

Examples of programs that have been accredited include: Brigham Young University Independent Study, Utah Students Connect, Northridge Learning Center, Granite District Granite Peaks Program, University of Utah High School Summer Program, the Statewide Online Education Program and concurrent college programs. Questions regarding the accreditation of specific schools/programs should be directed to the Jordan School District Secondary Counselor Specialist.

Make-up credit for any public or private accredited course will be added to a student’s high school transcript upon student and/or parent request when accompanied with appropriate documentation. Grades, credit and course titles submitted on a transcript from an accredited source will be transcribed to the high school transcript without alteration as per State Board Rule R277-705-3-2a.

Grade Forgiveness

To replace a course grade all course replacement considerations must match by title and USBE Course Code.

  • Original credit ONLY will be accepted from an accredited institution for replacement credit consideration.
  • Pre-approval will be expected with a paper trail to ensure that a student’s purpose for taking the class is to replace a previous grade in the same course. Both LEA and student must confirm the student’s intent to enroll for the purpose of replacing a grade already received. Student’s will be directed to the Jordan School District sponsored online program, Utah Students Connect (, for opportunities to take a course for replacement credit. Replacement classes must be taken outside of the regular school day unless approved by a counselor,  school principal and space is available in the class requested [State Board Rule R277-717-3]. 

This rule does not apply to concurrent enrollment classes. Concurrent enrollment courses are college courses and any change of that grade would have to come from the USHE institution who issued the grade. Students can only take a concurrent enrollment class once as per legislation. To retake a concurrent enrollment class, a student would have to pay full tuition and attend the class on campus.